Klinta Scented Candle Black Pomegranate

Swedish scented massage candle with Black Pomegranate scent.

Burn time small: 18 hours

Burn time large: 45 hours


6x5cm in small size

8.5x7cm in large size

Klinta candles are unlike normal candles. They contain a warm massage oil which looks and behaves just like a scented candle. They are made using canola oil, certified palm oil (UN Global Compact) and organic soy wax from renewable sources. Hand poured into a simplistic clear glass they come in several unique scents created using essential oils and animal-friendly fragrance oils. In contrast to many scented candles where the scent is found only on the surface, these scents are blended with the wax and therefore last the life of the candle. 

Light the candle, let a pool of oil form ( approx 15 min), dip in your finger and massage. The oil is not too hot even when the candle is lit and the oil remains liquid on your fingertip. Re-light the candle and put it out as often as you like.

The candles does not contain any parabens, parraffin wax, petroleum, mineral oils or animal products.

Not tested on animals.

When you have used up your candle, wash out the glass and re-use for tealights!

Please note: Very frequent use of the massage oil will reduce your candle burn time.

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