Klinta Diffuser Champagne & Pink Grapefruit

Reed diffuser in Champagne & Pink Grapefruit scent. Oil will last between 2-6 months depending of the humidity and air draft of the room. 50ml. 10 reeds per packet.

Klinta & Co has launched their version of the reed diffuser! While the majority of diffusers on the market are made using an alcohol or glycol blend, Klinta has sourced and chosen to use plant oils which are just as good at carrying fragrance as alcohol but without the strong alcoholic smell.

The oil in Klinta diffusers are derived from the soybean, which is easy and fast to grow and completely renewable. Essential oil or fragrances are then added to achieve Klintas popular scents.

The reeds are made of a specific type of rattan with small channels which absorbs the oil and spreads the scent throughout the room. They are especially recommended for small or enclosed spaces like bathrooms, laundry, wardrobes or the guest toilet!

The diffuser is easy to use, place the reeds in the oil. If you want less scent, use fewer reeds. If you want more scent, turn the reeds over every so often.


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